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Dementia is a growing problem, which touches almost everyone in some way. Dementia Friendly Keighley seeks to make Keighley and its residents a 'Dementia Friendly' town. We can do this by raising awareness of dementia, ensure neighbours, businesses, transport etc is as 'Dementia Friendly' as possible. Supporting groups, activities and initiatives for people living with Dementia and their carers.

Group introduction

The main aim of our group, Dementia Friendly Keighley' (DFK) is to spread Dementia awareness in Keighley, through giving one hour Dementia Friends Information Sessions. These sessions are given free of charge and tell a little bit about what it is like to live with Dementia, how dementia affects the brain and the little things we can all do in our everyday lives, to help create a more dementia friendly community. We have done sessions for retail staff in the shopping centre, bank staff, GP surgeries, the CCG, staff at Airedale Hospital, community group and BAME groups amongst others.

We have only been running as a constituted group for approx. 18 months and we have a small band of amazing volunteers. All of us have been touched by Dementia in some way, mostly as carers for spouses, parents, friends and/or neighbours. This has motivated us to get involved in setting up DFK Sometimes though it feels like 'need' is overwhelming us and we want to be able to move forward with what we have achieved up to now, but we need more help and resources to do so.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We want to spend this money on taking forward something that we trialed in winter 2015/16. We brought in a specialist tutor to run a gentle exercise to a music group for people living with Dementia, and their carers. The trial of 6x2hrs a week sessions went really well and we had a great take up with very positive feedback. We would now like to offer these weekly sessions to those who came along initially, and also to promote them more widely to reach other people who will benefit. They keep people physically active, give fun and enjoyment and stimulation, and allow both people living with Dementia and carers the opportunity to meet with others in the same situation. We always make sure we have a break with refreshments part way through to enable informal discussion to happen.

Keeping physically active (in a safe and properly managed space with an experienced tutor) and mentally engaged has long term benefits for both people living with Dementia and carers.

"'I know from my own family experience that relatively small amounts of funding can make a huge difference to groups like ours and will enable us to provide a much needed enjoyable, safe, stimulating space and activities for people living with Dementia and carers.'

Sandra Kelly, secretary of Dementia Friendly Keighley"

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