Bingley Gymstars


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Providing physical recreational activities for all children who want to have fun, whilst keeping fit and healthy.

Group introduction

Claire Millbank created Bingley Gymstars in 2013 by inviting young children to a 'taster' class to 'try' gymnastics. As a qualified gymnastics coach she soon had more than 70 children from the young age of 4 years upwards wanting to learn the basic foundation of the sport of gymnastics. As Bingley Gymstars has developed over the years, more coaches have become involved because the number of ‘adults to children ratio’ is a particularly important safety aspect to consider, when coaching gymnastics. A higher ratio of coaches enables more children to participate in the sport, as more classes can be provided. Although gymnastics is an ‘early adoption’ sport we try to encourage our older gymnasts to stay in the sport by introducing them to basic coaching skills further enabling progression of the children who spend time at our gymnastics club.

The main aim, other than safety and welfare of the gymnasts in our care, is for children from the age of four upwards to have fun. All children are welcome and we do have some special needs children taking part in gymnastics at our club. There are too few gymnastics clubs in the local area and we have children who come to us from Bingley, Shipley and the surrounding areas.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

As Bingley Gymstars has grown, we now have 5 classes with approximately 30 children in each class. We have two qualified coaches, one partially qualified coach and six young students who assist with organising the children and keeping them safe and occupied during each class.

If we were to be successful in our application for funding, we could maintain the interest of older children and retain their participation in the sport of gymnastics. The equipment we currently have is basic, and by expanding the range of equipment available to the participating gymnasts, we increase the range of their abilities. We currently coach British Gymnastics core proficiency syllabus and would like to move on to advanced proficiency with the help of the extra equipment that entails. Although gymnastics equipment is expensive initially the longevity is anticipated to be in the region of ten years.

We would ideally like to purchase an air tumble track which has the potential to be extended at a later date, if any future funding allowed. The range of air tracks available is wide and varied but in our coaching experience the particular one chosen is beneficial as it is hard wearing, cost effective and out performs other more expensive models. It also meets the safety criteria set by our governing body hence providing excellent value for money.


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