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Baby Basics is a volunteer-led project supporting vulnerable new mothers, who are struggling to meet the financial and practical burden of looking after a new baby.

Group introduction

Baby Basics Bradford is a new project affiliated with Baby Basics UK. A church-based community project, we provide essential items for mums and new born babies through referrals from midwives and other professionals. The women we help are facing extreme hardship, some have fled a violent relationship or trafficking; others are refugees or asylum seeking women. We give each mum a moses basket starter pack which provides a safe, clean bed for the baby to sleep in, packed with enough nappies, toiletries, baby clothes for the first days and weeks. Often the starter pack is the only gift that mums receive for their baby, so we take care to present it as beautifully as possible, in order to show the mums that they and their baby are precious and deserving of love and care.

Baby Basics Bradford was formed in early 2016 by members of Advance Church, which is based in Wilsden just outside Bradford. Our project base is a garage belonging to the team leader! Volunteers are involved in publicising the project, collecting donations of baby clothes and other items, washing and packing up the items for the Moses baskets. The women we have helped mostly live in inner city areas of Bradford and have all been identified by their ante natal midwives, as being in great need and unable to provide the essentials for their babies. Midwives have reported situations where women have resorted to stealing sanitary supplies from hospital cupboards, or staying in a violent relationship in order to have enough money to buy things for their babies. We have a strong link with a GP surgery in central Bradford which specialises in care for homeless people and asylum seekers, and most of our referrals so far have come from that surgery.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We are already receiving some donations of baby clothes & toiletries,from friends and contacts from for example toddler groups and churches. However, as a new project we also need to build up our stocks of supplies for our starter packs. We would use the money to buy mattresses for the Moses baskets, which have to be brand new for health and safety reasons; for toiletries, teddy bears & treats for the mums. In addition, we would print leaflets and posters to publicise the project, both to health professionals working with vulnerable families, and to potential donors.

The founding branch of Baby Basics, in Sheffield, gives out around 20-30 starter packs per month, and we anticipate demand in Bradford to reach a similar level, once our project gets more widely known. We only take referrals from health & social care professionals, ensuring that the help gets to women and families who really need it.

""I had nothing and nobody, and you showed me you care about me and my baby."

"My baby must matter because the basket was so full of lovely things"

Women who received a Moses basket starter pack from Baby Basics."

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