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Rotherham youngsters set to 'raise the roof' at the O2 Arena!

Group introduction

We help underprivileged youngsters in the Rotherham area to express themselves through the arts, helping them to grow in confidence and build on social skills. Not only this but also their development and learning in an environment where they feel safe, to be themselves and thrive. AHVA was established in 2015, starting with just 4 students. Over the last 18 months we have grown to over 40 students, who all have a passion for singing and performing. AHVA offers both private singing coaching and group sessions. This ensures that every student is given the very best training available.

The lessons really do help build these students confidence in so many ways. Singing is a way for these youngsters to express themselves whilst giving them enjoyment. They can communicate and learn with youngsters who share their interests. Since opening in 2015, the students have performed in local venues to help raise funds for their performance experiences, as students are unable to afford these unique opportunities without some help from funding. The students have also performed at a few concerts for the charity Safe@Last. The students who are hoping to perform in London at the O2 arena are aged between 6 and 18. We are planning a number of fund raising events throughout the year, which we will be donating a percentage to one of our local charities as we feel this is very important.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The money raised for the children of AHVA would benefit them in a big way. Some of these students come from very underprivileged areas throughout Rotherham, and South Yorkshire. Without this funding we would be unable to afford the costs required for these unique performances. The performance that these children are hoping to take part in will play a big role in the community by representing youngsters from Rotherham and South Yorkshire. In turn boosting morale for the local community, and raising its profile. The performance will send a positive message about the young community of Rotherham, proving that they can participate in these activities and be given these opportunities.

"I've been singing with Alexandra and the AHVA for around 2 years and it's one of the best decisions I've made. The teachers are incredible, not only amazingly talented, but so supportive and helpful with everything. I can safely say that I wouldn't be training where I am now and wouldn't have had the great experiences I've been lucky enough to have, without this place.

(Jasmine Richards - Student of AHVA and WEM - London)"

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