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Water Orton Bowling Club is situated in North Warwickshire.
The club was established in 1939 and provides facilities for crown green bowling during the summer and indoor short mat bowls during the winter. The club is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club.

Group introduction

The club is run by a committee of local people and volunteers and has around seventy five active members who come along to enjoy a social bowl with friends and in many instances also represent our club in one or more our teams. In addition to bowling, we run a number of social events including a ‘fish and chip quiz night’.

We are proactive in attracting new members and work in conjunction with the Parish council and other local establishments to achieve this. We hold an open day each year and will shortly be hosting a visit from the local junior school. We can provide coaching for new players and can offer competitive bowling in various local leagues once bowlers have gained some experience.

The sport itself is in decline due to green closures and an often general negative public perception, by countering this however, we can reduce social exclusion, provide a healthy recreational experience and also a competitive opportunity for those who enjoy being part of a team.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Our particular focus at present is to increase membership of juniors and women, this will be done by greater liaison with local schools, youth groups and ladies associations. To be successful in this however, we will specifically need to purchase smaller size crown bowls,additional jacks, mats and a locker to store this equipment separately, we are also looking to invest in a practice target.

This equipment would last for many years and over time be of great benefit to many people, who might otherwise be excluded from participating in the sport. Our mission is to survive and thrive going forward and maintain within our area a longstanding local facility that can be enjoyed by all, crown bowls is a pleasant pastime that is enjoyed by people of all ages, genders and abilities.

"Water Orton Bowling Club provides a friendly leisure facility in the north warwickshire area. People of all ages and abilities are welcome and coaching and equipment is provided. It is a great place to learn bowls and meet new friends.
Dave Capewell, General Secretary."

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