Our Place Community Hub

Sutton Coldfield

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A Community Hub established to help and support the people of Sutton Coldfield as they face some of life’s challenges.

Group introduction

Our Place is a Community Hub based in Sutton Coldfield. It was set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in 2011. The Hub is home to several voluntary organisations offering support across the local community. These include:
• The IAG Job Club providing careers advice and guidance including help with job applications, CV writing and job search. Several hundred people have already been helped back into employment through the support of the Job Club.
• The Carers United network providing support to all types of carers. There are approx. 600 unpaid carers (often family members and friends) on the Carers register, caring for people with a range of additional needs.
• The Our Place Mentoring and Support Service. The mentoring scheme is used by 18 local Junior / Infant schools in the Sutton Coldfield area. Our Place support’s those children most in need to make positive changes to their lives. Those we support are in need for many reasons including deprivation, emotional problems, trauma, neglect and mental health state. In a typical week Our Place will meet 60 children (and some parents) to deliver either 1-2-1 mentoring or Group sessions.

The organisations in the Hub provide often vital services that are no longer available from the central or local government bodies. The Hub also makes rooms available to other not for profit organisations on an ad-hoc basis. These include counselling services and a music group for people with special needs.

The Our Place Hub is run by a paid manager with one part time assistant. The rest of the team are volunteers, allowing Our Place to provide accommodation as well as deliver services at below commercial rates. As a result services are available to those who would otherwise not receive the support they need.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Our Place has recognised that in addition to the specific support provided by the organisations based at the Hub, there is also a demand from the local community for a general advice service:
If funding can be made available then Our Place proposes to launch a twice monthly “Advice Café” that will be open to all members of the local community. The Hubs central location in the heart of Sutton Coldfield makes it an ideal venue for the Café.

The Advice Café will provide advice on a range of issues to people who might have no other service available to them. Based on feedback from existing Hub users we would expect to help with questions on a range of topics including Housing, dealing with debt, unemployment, bereavement and benefit entitlements. The Café will also provide a welcome to people who would just like someone to talk to.

Funding would be used to:
• Produce leaflets advertising the services of the Advice Café
• Cover the cost of tea and coffee for café users
• Contribute to the cost of obtaining any specialist advice if required
Potentially the Advice Café could help several hundred people.

"“It would be great to get the Advice Café up and running, support from the Skipton can help make this happen” Kelly Round – Our Place Manager"

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