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Newcastle (Staffs) Swimming Club is a competitive swimming club that provides coaching and training to swimmers of all abilities, starting from the age of 8 through to masters.

Group introduction

Newcastle (Staffs) Amateur Swimming Club was founded in 1908 and is a not for profit organisation and currently has 92 members. It is run by a committee of volunteers, usually the parents of swimmers and employs 4 part-time coaches. Funds to ensure the Club can continue is either via membership fees or fund-raising i.e. bag packing in our local stores.

Depending on the swimming squad, the swimmers can swim up to 7 times per week equating to 12.5hrs of training time. This can involve some early morning starts. This shows how committed the coaches, swimmers and parents are to the sport.

The Club is very proud to say that Heidi Earp, Mark Stevens & Jessica Sylvester, who represented Great Britain in the Olympics, had their early swimming careers with Newcastle (Staffs) Swimming Club, as well as Rachael Kelly, a current member who represented Engalnd in the Commonwealth Games 2014. The Club continues to have swimmers that compete at County, Regional and National Levels and have achieved British Championship times and West Midland Regional times for 2016.

Newcastle (Staffs) Amateur Swimming Club mainly uses the local Council pool in which to train. The old swimming pool had a length of 100ft (approx 30.5metres), not the ideal size to hold a licensed gala, as generally a swimmer competes in either a 25metre or 50metre length pool. In December 2010 the local Council opened a new Swimming Pool 25 metre length x 8 lanes. Newcastle (Staffs) Swimming Club is hosting its first licensed Level 3 Swimming Gala in the new pool in December 2016.

Newcastle (Staffs) Amateur Swimming Club is committed to supporting our swimmers to reach their maximum potential, through excellent coaching, encouraging the focus on training and swimmers attending the Swimming Meets that they have the qualifying times for.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

If Newcastle (Staffs) Amateur Swimming Club were lucky enough to receive this funding it would be fantastic and put to good use in two ways.

Firstly, to host our own gala we need a laptop that can link to software such as Sportsystems that will process swimming times, including final times and splits as well as overall positions. Final times can then be uploaded on to national ranking times that in turn can be used for future entry times in other Swimming Meets. As well as running a meet with electronic timing equipment, there is a need to have back up manual time i.e. stop watches that we can provide to our volunteer time keepers.

Secondly to invest in training equipment such as an underwater camera to enable the coach to analyse and give feedback to the swimmer on stroke technique that cannot be seen from poolside.

"Newcastle Staffs swimming club is a small competitive swimming club who have competitor at British Championships, Nationals, Regionals and county level in 2015/2016.
All of our swimmers strive to reach their potential, coached by a professional coaching team and run by a small team of volunteers. We all strive to provide our swimmers with the opportunity to reach their goals. This funding can make a enormous contribution to the development of future athletes. Having the correct equipment for swimming is vital in the development process.

Sue Twardochleb
Newcastle swim club"

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