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Community Eats Their Local Park.

Group introduction

The Friends of St George's Park (FoSGP) is a resident led community based constituted group in the Horsefair area of Kidderminster, formed in 2008. We are completely volunteer run and have been organising social and cultural events in the park since 2008.

Over the years we've been making our park increasingly edible through our 'Let's Eat the Park' (LEAP) project. This involved us planting edible plants and trees to create micro-allotments in the Horsefair area. We have established well supported and harvested fruit and vegetable areas including an urban orchard.

We have six raised beds with 4 more on the way. We also fundraise to bring theatre, the arts, crafts and the sciences to our urban green space in three free community events per year. Our target population is everyone who lives in or visits the Horsefair area of Kidderminster with a particular focus on children and families.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The LEAP project is growing in every sense of the word all the time. We are now eyeing up a derelict plot in the Horsefair area of Kidderminster to establish a pop-up allotment. We understand from the owners of the site that there are no immediate plans to redevelop it.

Therefore we are seeking funding to buy builders bags to use as pop-up raised beds where more fruit and vegetables can be established. We will need to purchase top soil and plants for up to ten bags/beds. The project is in need of periodic funding to purchase fruit trees for the park based orchard and continue to roll out LEAP across the neighbourhood. This benefits everyone in the area but especially those individuals and families in food poverty.

""We are seeing the LEAP project make a real local impact, people are telling us that they are harvesting the wide variety of fruit, herbs and vegetables now available in the park, churchyard and even window boxes at the local pub. We also enjoy swapping recipes from all over the world with other members of our diverse community who share the food we grow."

Carol O'Brien
FoSGP Secretary"

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