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Activ8 Trampoline Club is inclusive for all, we are 'One Big Family'.

Group introduction

Activ8 Trampoline Club is based in the Stockland Green area of Birmingham. The Club provides recreational and competitive trampolining to a range of individuals. Activ8 is fully inclusive with participants including pre-school, primary/secondary school age and adults. This also includes those with a disability, which makes up over 20% of the Club membership.

The Club is run by volunteers. These volunteers are involved in the Club either as a committee member, a coach or assist in fundraising. There are over 20 volunteers that help out the Club in some way. The Club provides 12 hours of trampolining sessions each week with up to 35 participants for each hour utilising 7 trampolines and a double mini trampoline. Total membership is over 300 and increasing month by month, at times we have a waiting list for some of the session times.

From the sessions the aim is to enhance personal development by boosting confidence through personal achievement, improve health from participation in sport and increase wellbeing by engagement with a friendly encouraging social group. Feedback from parents and participants has always been positive and bolsters the aims of the club.

Activ8 has been a stand alone trampoline club since July 2014. Previous to this the Club received funding for overheads through the city council, however council cuts meant this was withdrawn and without the support of the volunteers we would not be where we are now. We keep membership fees to a minimum to just cover the running costs of the Club for example hall hire, insurance, DBS checks and safeguarding courses. The Club recognises that it is based in a deprived area of Birmingham and to keep the level of bouncers we need to minimise the cost to those individuals

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

From November this year we will have our permanent set-up within the centre we currently hire on an hourly basis. This will give the club the scope to increase sessions over more evenings and during the day on school holidays. The Club will also be able to commence running baby bounce sessions. To do this we will need to invest in some additional equipment, which will include additional safety mats around and between the trampolines and wall padding around the walls where the double mini trampoline will be setup. Additionally access steps to the trampolines. This will benefit existing and new members of the lifetime of the equipment, which could be up for ten years before needing replacing.

Having all this additional equipment will allow us to develop the extra sessions in the development plan there will be an additional 10 hours of as a minimum created over the next year. This could easily support a further 100+ new members. Iy will also allow us to carry out collaborative partnering with local primary and secondary schools to provide trampoline sessions as many schools do not have this facility.

"“Trampoling is good for circulation, balance and co-ordination and there is a real social side. It is not just great exercise but also great fun. This is what Activ8 Trampoline Club provides its members” Debbie Danks, Head Coach"

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