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A new Junior Touch club giving both boys and girls the opportunity to play a non-contact team sport, together from age 6 upwards.

Group introduction

The senior section for Varsity Vandals has been running for 25 years, but we have now set up a Junior section aimed at 6 - 15 year olds. Our aim is to recruit both girls and boys to play in mixed, boys and girls teams at all age categories, which would mean increasing the club to approximately 100-150 members. The first training session was held on 8th May 2016 and we had 12 children in attendance, which number should double at the second training session. The group is run by senior members of the club who wish to see the sport develop and have a pathway for children to play at a social and elite level through school age to adulthood.

The aim is to offer an alternative sport to the more traditional sports that is great for fitness, communication and team work. Girls and boys playing together means that the sport is suitable for everyone and is very sociable. By participating we hope that children will continue playing sport in to adulthood and remain fit and healthy.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The funding would assist us in growing the club. The ability to offer an alternative sport for both boys and girls in both the English and welsh languages would enhance the community. There are number of welsh speakers in the area that do not have a wide option to choose from in relation to welsh speaking coaches. By offering the bi-lingual coaching we are encouraging children to integrate. At present we only have 3 qualified coaches, but we would like to increase this to enable us to increase the number of children we can train.

We would like for our volunteers to have the opportunity to qualify as coaches. In addition, we will require further training equipment, such as balls, posts and bibs as the number of children increase. If we can increaser our numbers it means the children can move up through the age categories until they move over to our senior club, therefore it should provide a benefit for many years to come.

"I'm passionate about children participating in sport as it benefits them in so many ways and at Varsity Vandals Juniors Touch club we give boys and girls the chance to have fun, keep fit and play a non-contact game together in the same team.
Sian Mills, Chair"

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