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Shrivenham Village Fete Committee - providing village entertainment throughout the year in order to support local charities and good causes.

Group introduction

The Shrivenham Village Fete Committee run several events throughout the year, the largest being the August Bank Holiday Summer Fete. Each year we purchase and put up the village Christmas Tree, organise the Village Christmas Carol service and hold an annual Boxing Day "Woozel Hunt" where we get together to walk off any Christmas Day Excesses! We also organise a free "Party on the Recreation Ground" in either May or June as a way of saying thank-you to the village for supporting our various events as well has having an excuse for a village party!
Any profits generated throughout the year at the various events are distributed at the February AGM to local good causes in the Shrivenham area. This year, amongst others, we supported our local school, assisted a girl guide to travel to an international guiding event and helped a local charity fund woodworking lessons for people with learning difficulties.
Our income comes from the annual village Fete in August. The Fete Committee is made up of volunteers from the village all with professional skills that really help us to make a difference to our community. Whilst the village fete has been going for 34 years the current team has been built up over the last 10 years.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

One of our significant costs is for marquee hire. We currently hire three marquees for the village fete; and two for the "Party on the Rec". These marquees cost anywhere between £40 and £100 per marquee depending on the size and availability. We have therefore set a target this year to purchase our own marquees thus making an overall cost-saving over the coming years. Any money that we save on costs means that we can give away more to our local good causes. We have identified an excellent product that we want to buy and at £1,000 per marquee we are therefore requesting for a £500 contribution. We sincerely hope that you will look favourably on our request.

"Shrivenham Village Fete is the highlight of the year not only for the local communities but for visitors from far and wide. Organised by a team of volunteers this annual event has evolved into a major attraction so much so it has received acclaim from the Daily Telegraph and the Waitrose magazine.
Due to its popularity the organisers are always seeking to make improvements. One of the problems associated with holding the Fete is there is never a guarantee of good weather hence the need for the purchase of a standalone marquee.
Vale of White Horse District Councillor Elaine Ware"

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