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Plymouth Albion Ladies love the sport of rugby and understand the importance of introducing and offering opportunities to others to start or continue to play this sport. Our aim this year is to start a development team so we can recruit more players but be able to offer more.

Group introduction

Plymouth Albion Ladies Rugby Football Club was set up by a local University team in 1995 as there wasn't an opportunity for Ladies to play rugby external to University. We pride ourselves in creating links and opportunities with University students and community groups to enable them to continue to play a sport they love during and after University. We have a diverse group of ladies of all ages, some with kids, some just starting careers however come together to play a sport they love. We are very lucky to have three supportive voluntary coaches and a fantastic voluntary committee who keep the club going.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We are very fortunate in that we have had a good season of recruiting. We would love to set up a development team however need some support to fund more equipment, extra facilities and to be able to continue to go into the Universities and offer our support so we can keep the great links that started Albion in the first place. Albion realise the importance of expanding and offering a development side means we can recruit more ladies and introduce others who may not have played the sport before. Having a development team who could feed into Albion Ladies will mean we will have strength in depth and will ensure we can continue to grow as a club for the future.

"Plymouth Albion Ladies is a friendly community rugby club who have one aim: to ensure we give anyone the opportunity to play rugby.
Steve Petrie (Head Coach)"

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