Exmouth and District Allotment Association (EDAA)


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Enabling our community to experience the enjoyment of growing and cooking their own food.

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The EDAA was created in 2005. It is run by a group of volunteers who meet monthly as a committee.
We manage the two sites; allocate the 430 plots to tenants, maintain boundaries and gates, roads, water supply and buildings.
We also run as a club for tenants independently of management, a shop at each site to supply basic gardening materials, fertilizers, composts and seeds. These shops, manned by volunteers, also provide advice, support and recipes to all our gardeners.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

EDAA Community Garden Project, Pound Lane site
Exmouth & District Allotment Association (EDAA), is a group of volunteers who manage and maintain two sites in Exmouth on behalf of the Town Council for local people. EDAA is lucky to have a beautiful 120 plot site in Pound Lane, one of its two sites in Exmouth.
We have started a project at Pound Lane site to create a 5 Rod community garden centrally to enable us to develop the social participation of the organisation for our plot holder tenants, families and friends. Our garden will offer opportunities to work together to share our enjoyment of growing our own food and flowers and involve other members of the Exmouth Community.
The garden will be a space to meet, swap seeds, plants and produce, share gardening expertise and learn new skills as well as encouraging new social contacts.
Shelter from the rain or sun while working on the allotments will be available. A safe environment for younger children to play will be created. A barbecue will provide a space to prepare and cook and share fresh produce and try out new recipes. Our sloping site has estuary views and we will need to ensure access for family and friends, particularly those less able, so that they can share a little of the allotment experience.
We intend to do the majority of the work for this exciting project ourselves, using reclaimed and recycled materials wherever possible. We have been donated a large summer house and work is already underway by a group of volunteers to terrace the site.
We would be extremely grateful if your organisation would be prepared to support us with grass roots funding to enable us to prepare foundations the summer house shelter, secure access paths with hand rails, paved barbecue and preparation area.

"EDAA would be happy for this information to be used by you for publicity.
R J Payne, Treasurer EDAA"

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