Cary Park Junior Tennis Club

Babbacombe, Torquay

Your story

Three months ago we launched the Billy Goat Appeal and have raised £650 from members. We are a bit stuck to find ways of raising the last £250. A Billy Goat is a sort of all-terrain vacuum machine for clearing the leaves and twigs from our six tennis courts and 18-hole putting course. At the moment we do it all by hand.

Group introduction

We were formed in 2004 to take over semi-derelict tennis courts from the local council who could not afford to run them. By hard work from a small band of volunteers, and generous donations from members and organisations we have turned it round into one of the prettiest sites in Devon - of which we are very proud.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

This American-made machine is so robust it will last for many years and make keeping our site looking beautiful for the whole community who use it for tennis (including schools), and for the many local people from surrounding homes (including care homes) who simply sit and watch the youngsters (and oldsters) playing tennis. Although we are not geared up for wheelchair tennis, we do have some disabled members, and many elderly and disabled holidaymakers use our putting course.

"This cash will get us over the line in our Billy Goat Appeal which will make life so much easier for our very small army of willing volunteers. Our beautiful site is surrounded by trees which cover the courts in leaves and debris from September to April. Because we play 365 days a year, it is a never-ending job clearing leaves, twigs and grass cuttings from our land.
Membership secretary Paul Levie"

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