Vocal Dimension Chorus

Redhill, Surrey

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Our chorus is made up of 36 ladies from all walks of life and age groups, sharing a love of singing and life-long friendship and support in time of trouble. Sharing our love of singing with our local community of Surrey, and nationally by taking part, and gaining awards in competitions.

Group introduction

VOCAL DIMENSION CHORUS, a unique, vibrant chorus of 36 women singing unaccompanied, four-part close harmony, a cappella-style were formed in 2010 by Valerie Taylor, an accomplished a cappella singer herself. We are based in Redhill, Surrey and our group comprises women from all walks of life and age groups from the surrounding Surrey and Sussex areas. We provide our members with, not only a valuable local, social amenity that forges friendships and support for life, but trains them to a high standard in the art of singing a cappella style, each one sharing a love of singing.
Although an amateur group we practise hard to perfect our art, and this has resulted in us winning many awards in National competitions, competing with the best of the best choruses from all over the UK, and giving our members the skill and confidence to sing under pressure to such large audiences.
We also love to share our music and give back to the local community by singing in local schools and introduce them to the joy of singing, show them anyone can do it, and what you can achieve. We also sing for local organisations, charities and big events alike, and sang recently for the NSPCC charity event ‘Run Up the Gherkin’ in London.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We would like to expand our chorus by providing Open Days to give more local women the opportunity to experience, participate and enjoy our valuable (free) training in the art of singing, and forge life-long friendships. We are entirely self-funded and are a ‘not for profits’ group. Although our chorus has only been formed for six years, our reputation is growing, and this has helped raise our profile in, not only our local area, but nationally. As we expand we would be able to take part in more local events for the community, giving them the chance to hear high standard performances locally at affordable prices, and be able to give support by performing at local charity events.

"We find ourselves at a really exciting time in our development. Having grown to a group of 36 singers over the past 6 years, with your help we can expand our membership even further. This will give people from the local community a chance to develop their skills as singers and performers, boost their self-esteem in ways they never imagined possible, and reap the reward of giving back to the local community through the gift of music. We are just a step away!
VALERIE TAYLOR - Musical Director of Vocal Dimension Chorus"

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