Tatsfield Community Composting


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Community run initiative for the recycling of Green Waste back to composted material for the villagers of Tatsfield.

Group introduction

Tatsfield Community Composting Scheme is an award winning scheme now in its thirteenth season.

Green garden waste is brought to the site by Tatsfield people on Saturday mornings from April until the end of September. Then it is shredded, stacked and carefully monitored, turned and sieved before the end product, well rotted compost, is ready and available for people to collect and return to their gardens for use as a mulch and soil improver. The significant and special factor in this project is that the end product goes back into local gardens. In addition to its environmental value the existence of this facility supports the volunteering of many of the young persons of Tatsfield in their Duke of Edinburgh entries.

It has been run by volunteer villagers since 2002 and it particularly helps the elderly people who are unable to get to the local council run recycling centres.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The group currently has two shredders, both in regular and heavy weekly use which need regular servicing and other ongoing maintenance. Other tools and consumables such as protective gear, gloves and ear defenders are also needed and need replacement as necessary.
The funds would allow us to keep on growing this facility and to service even more people if we were able to obtain better and larger machines to do the function of the older and slower models that we have at present.

"Tatsfield's award winning compost site is currently going from strength to strength. The venture could not be continued without the support of the generous grants that have been given in the past.

Chairman of the Horticultural Society and leader and the composting group, Mr Martin Allen"

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