Pang Valley Flood Forum

Pang Valley West Berkshire

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Working collaboratively to reduce flood risk throughout the communities in the Pang Valley.

Group introduction

We were set up in Jan 2013 as a joint initiative through West Berkshire Council, the Environment Agency and Thames Water, with the aim of the Forum being to act as principal consultation body to the three agencies on flooding and drainage issues in the Pang Valley. We work with the agencies to oversee and monitor the delivery of flood risk mitigation works (Actions) within our Flood Risk Management Plan. Everyone who may be affected by or has a role to play in the management of flooding has the opportunity to influence or contribute to the development of new Actions. The Forum is now run entirely by volunteers from the 10 Parishes in the Pang Valley, with representatives from the three agencies attending our quarterly meetings. We are also involved in raising general awareness of local flooding issues and in improving individual resilience. We share knowledge between parishes to the benefit of all. We have a Chair (Kay Lacey) and Vice Chair (Piers Allison) plus a minute taker. The rest of the committee is made up of members (Parish Council Chairs or Flood Wardens or both) from each Parish. Our Forum helps both individual homeowners as well as Parish Councils to achieve improvements in flood resilience. We keep the agencies focused on the tasks required and hold them to account when things go wrong. Flooding will happen more often and more substantially in the future, and it is vital that voluntary groups like ours, where local knowledge can make all the difference, are encouraged to thrive and succeed.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We would use this money to fully develop our website so that our Forum could be found easily by residents and others with a Google search. We have already been contacted (via a friend of a friend) by a councillor from Saltash who wants to use our knowledge and experience to set up their own Flood Forum. We want to make ourselves easier to find plus to cover the cost of the chair attending the next major flooding seminar organised by the National Flood Forum. These are normally in the region of £300 to £400 and completely out of our reach. We can then disseminate the information through the Flood Forum members and the information will reach a much wider area. We are affiliated to the National Flood Forum

"I would say that it was the help, advice and contacts from the Pang Valley Flood Forum that really helped to solve things. I think it is a great way to pull people together and achieve things on the ground. Ian Stevenson Berkshire Reserves Manager, Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust"

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