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A group of like minded ladies who love to Knit and Knatter whilst sharing a cuppa.

Group introduction

The group was founded by Christine Crease and Susan Keir in Little Chalfont Community Library to bring together the ladies of the local community to share their skills and to teach non knitters and crocheters. No charge is made but donations are given towards the Little Chalfont Community Library which is a charity for using their premises.

The members range from mid 40s to 95. All the ladies have bonded and if any one is in trouble they all help out.
Brenda (95) recently had a spell in hospital and the group found a wheelchair when she was ready to return as she thrives on the company.

Pat C has had an operation on her ankle and has received many visit from the ladies to keep her cheerful.

Susan and Christine teach newcomers to the group in all the aspects of knitting or crochet and the ladies all help by sharing their knowledge too.

The members would not miss a Monday morning with the natter and laughter over a cuppa and a cake, no matter what their problems.

The group has celebratory meals at anniversary and Christmas time and there is a waiting list to join as the word has gone around the Village about the good times that are had together.

This group is fundamental to the wellbeing within the Little Chalfont Community and is an amazing group of skilled ladies who just have the best time together.

The group runs many charity knits along with their own projects i.e. Twiddlemuffs for the Alzheimer's Society, Shawls for Sands babies, The Innocent Big Knit and is currently making Hats and Neck warmers for the Seafarers Sailors Society. A new charity is taken on every 6 months or so.

Christine and Susan have taken two Children's knitting groups at the library and are on course to teach again in the August holidays which have had an amazing response.

Some of the ladies from the group help with the children and the children have joined the group on school holidays.

I (Christine) am so glad we formed the group as we all get so much from the company of the lovely ladies and I would do it all over again. I do most of the admin as well and keep in touch with the ladies on their various queries and information.

Oh and, We also took part in the Little Chalfont Village Day in making a scarecrow for the WI competition. A wonderful community day.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The funding would:

1.Help to buy wool for the group for our charity projects as at the moment we use old wool and it is not always suitable.

2.It would also help to raise awareness of the group and maybe encourage other areas to do the same.

3. As a group we would be able to donate some money to the Little Chalfont Community Library for the use of their facilities and to help the library which benefits all the people of Little Chalfont in the future.

4. We would be able to have a proper celebration at Christmas somewhere 'posh' that would be a wonderful memory for the oldies (OAPs) and the younger members.

It would help the 30+ ladies of the group and the entire population of the Little Chalfont would benefit.

"The Wonderful World Knit and Knatter

Christine Crease

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