Emsworth In Bloom


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Emsworth in Bloom, a community project.

Group introduction

EIB was started as all flower beds became weed beds due to council cut backs. So EIB was born. We, the residents, have taken over all the planting in the town. I run it with a 75 member Green Finger Club and the support of whole town.

We started in August 2014, have added 10 new displays and THE TOWN IS IN BLOOM AGAIN.

This is appreciated by residents and all the visitors who come to Emsworth, a wonderful picturesque sailing fishing village (town).

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The impact on the community would be tremendous. With banks and shops closing in the high street we need to bring back people to the village. Visitors now come to see the flowers. Residents are so delighted to see Emsworth Blooming Again. We desperately need money as we rely totally on grants and donations so your grant would be wonderful for sustainability of the project.

""Lets go to Emsworth to see the Flowers " is the idea of Sheila Morris who started up the project"

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