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We open the Westwood Park pavilion during the school holidays to serve refreshments and crafts to all park users but especially offering young families a safe and friendly place to meet and chat.

Group introduction

In 2013 our local parish council asked community groups to consider opening up and manning the toilets in Westwood Park. Our Churches Together group decided to help by using the pavilion facilities to serve refreshments and offer children's crafts during the school holidays whilst also looking after the toilet facilities.

We have done this every year since then at Easter and during August. This benefits all users of the park grounds but especially those with young families who enjoy the playground and can stay for longer.

We plan to open each Tuesday and Thursday during August 2016 but need the funds to sustain this enterprise. We have an average of 40 children and 25 adults visiting daily. Volunteer helpers are gleaned from the local community and are on rota on 2-3 hours between 11am and 4pm.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Westwood Park has woodland, an open park/sports area, a playground, tennis courts and good car parking. It attracts dog walkers, hikers. young families and those wanting to exercise outdoors. The funding would enable us to continue serving the community by providing teas, coffees and cakes and craft resources to all who join us this coming year. Churches Together provide the volunteers and organise the daily activities, we have about a dozen individuals willing to go on the helpers rota. Young and old, regardless of ethnicity or background, all are welcome. It has become known as a safe and friendly place to spend a few hours and encourages local families to walk and enjoy the outdoor facilities. We cater for around 50 visitors daily during the holidays. These days are greatly appreciated by locals and yet we are attracting people from the wider area too such as Denham and the other Chalfonts who do not have these benefits in their area.

"Come along and join in the fun! crafts for the children and open spaces to enjoy - whatever the weather you can be sure of a friendly welcome at the Pavilion!
Ann Chapman (Churches Together Pavilion Organiser)"

For more information visit:

Little Chalfont Churches@Westwood Park