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Come and join in the fun and activities and meet new friends.

Group introduction

The purpose of the group is to bring women of Dumfries and Galloway together in an informal manner to reduce social isolation, network, build friendships, support each other, try new skills, get fitter, improve health and wellbeing, build self esteem and confidence and socialise.
The activities we provide include walking groups (for different levels of ability), coffee afternoons, lunch meetings, taster sessions for keep fit classes, day trips, cinema trips, book club, craft classes, bingo sessions, quiz nights, weekends away.
The groups main organiser Diane also negotiates with local businesses to give us discounted deals for meals out to make it more affordable to group members. She rotates the venues for this and coffee afternoons to give local businesses increased custom. She has negotiated with local businesses to secure discounts for group members when buying their products and this in turn gives them advertising for their business.
The people who benefit are women aged over 35 within the Dumfries and Galloway area. We currently have 75 members of the group but over the years we have had over 150 women in total. The group is open to all women ie married, widowed, single, divorced, separated and transgender. On average we have approx 40-50 attending events (this may be the same person attending 2 or 3 events) per week. Some weeks there are more and some weeks there are less depending on the activity on offer.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Dumfries Get Together is a ladies group aimed mainly at age over 50, however due to demand we have a few younger member (in their 30s) Currently we have 75 members, some of these members are over the age of 50 with many being over 60 and 70 years of age.

The group aims to get ladies out of their own homes and back into the community, making new friends, combating social isolation, learning new skills and building confidence.

To date we have assisted ladies to return to work, form new social groups, alleviate some anxiety issues but most of all enjoy each others company while supporting each other emotionally and having fun.

We have a range of activities on offer which include coffee afternoons, walking groups, lunch meetings, theatre trips, day trips, craft events, weekend breaks.

We also encourage group members to share any skills they have with other group members.

We also try and invite guest speakers to come along once or twice a year. This is both to get the group together and encourage socialising but also it is informative and educational.

We as a group would like to apply to the fund to assist with the cost of activities which in doing so would make them more accessible and affordable for all our members.

We rely on the goodwill of local hotel/bar owners to allow us to use their premises to host events either at a reduced cost or for free.

Some of the other activities we would like to provide are reduced costs to attend local events eg Spring Fling. Reduced costs for day trips eg a trip on The Waverley, a trip to our capital city.

We have testimonials from group members to say that the group has transformed their lives and gave them a renewed purpose in life, also with a feeling of involvement and achievement with the new skills they have learned.

"Dumfries Get Together is a ladies social group which is all about having fun and meeting new friends. It is organised and run by Diane McGowan founder and chairperson of the group."

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