Castle Wood Gardens


Your story

Two skyscrapers with grass. We are sheltered housing with no seating or gardens. I would like to see that happen.

Group introduction

Our story is we have dementia and immobility tenants. The seating and garden would allow them to see that there is a world out there and take away the loneliness. I am a tenant who first suggested the project but l asked the tenants from Castleton Court if we could work together and we do. We get a lot of help from Steven Shaw, he has helped us so much we would not have managed without him. Steven is manager of Links and Parks for Aberdeen.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Of course, we could have seating, plants, trees and a shelter - also planters to encourage all to have a little garden of their own and to encourage the butterflies and bees. It will also help the birds to survive by feeding them - to be blunt it will help us all!

"To be blunt it will help us all!

Sheila Pratt Woodhill Court and Moira Collins Castleton Court"

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Pratt.d@sky .com