YWCA Bury Netball Seniors


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The club provides women aged 16+ from Bury and the surrounding area with the chance to train and play netball together in a fun, sociable and supportive environment.

Group introduction

YWCA Bury Netball Seniors is a club for all women and girls aged 16 or over to have fun and keep fit through the medium of netball. We support our members to participate in competitive and non-competitive opportunities across the north west, work together as a group in training, enjoy a sociable, supportive environment, and most importantly, have a bit of a giggle.
The club was established in 1958 and over that time, have supported a vast array of women to play netball. At the moment, the club includes women from all sorts of backgrounds, and includes a number of mums, students, full and part time workers and players who are unemployed. Our oldest member won’t see 40 again (we can’t give away more detail than that!) whilst our youngest members are 16. This cross-section of ages and backgrounds ensures the club continues to serve a wide demographic group and brings people together who wouldn’t normally come together in day to day life.
The Club is run by a small committee of volunteers, who give up their time to organise training, matches, socials and marketing. Whilst the committee is small, it receives periodic support from all the members at events throughout the year, and the committee also makes sure it consults with the members each season to ensure that the club is meeting the members’ needs.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Funding from Skipton Building Society Grassroots Giving would help the club to continue to provide great benefit for local women in Bury.
We recognise that cost can be a barrier to participation in physical activity, yet physical activity can help to save money from a public health perspective. Life expectancy for women in Bury is lower than the national average, with diabetes prevalence in particular being markedly bad in the borough compared to the national average; a condition that can be managed and prevented through improved levels of physical activity. Levels of deprivation in Bury are also higher than average, with a greater proportion of residents being classified in the most deprived quintiles of deprivation (Source: Public Health Profile: Bury Unitary Authority 2015).
By providing weekly affordable opportunities for women to undertake the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines on levels of physical activity, the club can make a great contribution to supporting physical activity in a community that is in need of that additional support for the reasons outlined above. In addition to the physical benefits, the psychological benefits of both regular exercise and a strong social network are well documented, particularly for women, and the Club therefore serves a fantastic purpose in this respect.
The funding from Grassroots Giving would be used specifically to support the facility hire overheads of the Club for the next season, allowing further fundraising efforts to be undertaken in this period that would support facility hire for subsequent seasons thereafter, giving the Club a ‘kick start’ in order to keep it ahead of the game in relation to its cost-base, and extending the benefit of the Grassroots Giving funding well beyond the first year for the local community.
As all our facility costs are currently covered by subs from users, a £500 funding grant would ensure that we do not need to increase costs to users over the next few years, meaning that equality of access for all members of the local community is maintained, as cost can be removed as a barrier.

"The Club is all about bringing women together from across the local area to have fun, keep active and make some great memories through the common thread of netball. As a completely voluntary organisation, we work hard to achieve this on very little resources, so support from someone like Skipton Building Society would be a real boost for the volunteers, as well as a huge help for the Club’s participants.

Clare Morley – Committee Member"

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