St Silas Forest School


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Making St Silas a greener, more natural learning environment for now and the future.

Group introduction

Our group is led by 2 staff members who encourage all pupils from age 2 to 11 to learn more about their outdoor environment and how to nurture, grow and sustain nature for present and future pupils. The group was started in 2015 as there are no natural areas on school site and very little grass lands in the local community - most of our pupils do not have a garden. We have sectioned off an area of the school for planters, bug hotels and vegetable patches. We help our pupils become more aware of nature and teach them how to care for and grow plants and nurture insects and other things in our community. By present pupils caring for their own environment they are slowly growing and nurturing this area for themselves and pupils of the future and helping with their own skills and development.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We would spend the money on constructing another area in the school yard into an area looked after by The Forest School so as more pupils can benefit at the same time. At present only one class at a time can go in the Forest School Area, if we constructed another area we could have two groups at a time outdoors.
We would like to build more planters, a vegetable/herb garden, a bug hotel and bird nesting boxes.
By encouraging and teaching our existing pupils to look after this area it will be sustainable for many years to come benefitting hundreds more children as they come through our School.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Children need the freedom and time to explore and play. Play is not a luxury...Play is a necessity.

Mr H Roberts, Forest schools Leader"

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