South Lakes Breast Cancer Support Group

South Lakeland

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Our group provides friendship, support and activities for women who have had Breast Cancer or are undergoing treatment.

Group introduction

The Group is run by local women who have had Breast Cancer. It has been active for over 16 years. We have an annual Programme of Events, which we prepare ourselves.

Evening meetings are informal and often consist of a local walk, a meal and chat, or a talk/demonstration.

Our main activity is a fortnightly Aquacise Class on a Wednesday evening. This takes place at Sandgate Hydrotherapy Pool in Kendal. This is a warm water pool, purpose built to assist the public with disabilities and a return to health from those who have had surgery. The warm water is particularly beneficial, post Breast Surgery.The aqua activities are also aimed at these women, to regain strength and flexibility.

Since all the women in our Group have a variety of scars, there is no embarrassment with changing, which there could be at a local sports centre. The women who attend the aquacise classes are often those who have looked after their health and well being prior to cancer diagnosis and do not wish to lose this fitness.

It is beneficial to share social and fitness activities with women who have gone through the same medical 'experience.'

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The funding would be spent on our sessions at the Hydrotherapy Pool. The Pool is both the most costly and most beneficial 'event' for Group members. The cost is currently £47 for use of the pool, each time. This does NOT include the cost of an Aquacise Teacher, which we have been without since October 2015, due to depletion of our funds.

Each member pays £3 a session, but not all 15 members are able to attend every session. Therefore we often find ourselves struggling to pay just the pool hire cost.

As 1 in 8 women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer, our Group targets a large proportion of the local community. Members currently travel over 10 miles to attend the sessions. The Group has been providing valuable support for over 16 years, so it would be a great loss to the South Lakes if the Group were to dissolve due to lack of capital. Such support cannot and is not provided by the Health Service.

"Life continues to be fun and active after breast cancer

Angela Nottingham, Group Member"