Music & Memory


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Music helps people affected by Dementia.

Group introduction

Our organisation was constituted on the 23/2/2016; we run twice monthly sessions to aid people affected by Dementia using music and other aids. Previously these sessions were facilitated by the Alzheimer's Society for about 5 years. Unfortunately the society had to withdraw funding. So a group of the trained volunteers decide to go it alone, to continue to provide these much needed/wanted sessions.
We meet fortnightly utilising the Salvation Army premises with about 35 people attending regularly, all aged between 55-80, with an approx split about 50/50 male and female attendees. For 2 hours people come together to enjoy music (which is clinically proven to help memory loss) and to use memory aids and importantly to talk to other people with similar problems. We are a social support group as well.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Alzheimer's disease is a growing concern not just in Warrington but worldwide. People living with Alzheimers generally live in their own home environment for as long as possible until they are not able to do so. Most live with carers or family and do not get the opportunity to socialize, which can increase their problems. At our sessions people sing and smile. There are care homes that have interacting sessions but as far as we know there are charges made to attend and they do not cater for such large groups. These sessions are also very beneficial for carers and family members who also have the opportunity to meet other people in similar circumstances and this gives them some respite and provides the opportunity to develop new friendships and support networks.
The money would be spent on more percussion instruments and visual aids and hopefully a projector. We will be helping people in Warrington for many years there are always new attendees and sadly some are with us for just a couple of years. We put leaflets in doctors waiting rooms and other community centres.

"We are trying to bring help and happiness into the lives of people affected by Altzheimer's disease.

Bill Boudler, Music & Memory Chairperson."