Mill Brow FC

Marple, Stockport

Your story

Grassroots Sunday league football team playing in the Stockport District Sunday Football League, players of different abilities spanned across both of our teams, playing for the team as we all enjoy playing the sport and with each other.

Group introduction

We are a Sunday league football team run by volunteers and rely on players paying their subs and signing on fees to pay the bills, and replace worn out equipment.
I've played for the club for 10 years and been the club secretary for 6 - 7 years. Club Chairman Richard Bell has been in the role now for 12 months and Club Treasurer Matthew Scruton has been in the role for 2 years now. Our first team are currently recruiting for a new manager after Daniel Davies has stepped down after 3 good years and Steve Goodwin has just completed his first season as 2nd team manager
Regards to who we help, football is a very popular sport, people dream of playing the sport, want to play, dream of scoring goals, winning games, creating memories or just simply love playing the sport etc. As a club in a league, we're there to allow people to play the game they love.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Funding would help our club massively, we've only been able to fork out on one complete new kit in my time between both of the teams, we've been donated other 2nd hand kits in the past from other clubs to tie us over, match footballs wear out and need replacing, a lot of the old balls we use as training balls, also with league fees, referee fees, ground fees going up in very recent years, it has become more difficult to break even even when increasing the players subs which makes it difficult for us to replace kit and other equipment when it needs replacing.
The club has been going for 45 years and I hope it continues to run for many more years to come.

"Up The Brow!
James Nuttall - Mill Brow Club Secretary"

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