Manchester Korfball Club

Sale, Trafford

Your story

We are a community club based in Sale providing opportunities for people to play korfball. The club has members of all ages from their teens through to 50's across a range of abilities from social members, beginners through to experienced players.
We currently field 3 teams across local and regional leagues and have a strong emphasis on creating a supportive environment for player development.

Group introduction

Manchester Korfball Club was founded in 1998 and has seen growth in its membership over the last 18 years. From humble beginning we now field 3 teams across local and regional leagues. We also have players who have represented the North West region and others challenging for representative honours.

Our aspiration is to introduce a 4th team next season to provide further opportunities to new players who are joining the club so we can retain these players.

We are open to the whole of the community; some people join us for fitness and friendship benefits while others seek a competitive outlet. We have one EKA qualified level 2 coach who is supported by four EKA level 1 coaches.

The club is extremely welcoming which goes a long way to help with the recruitment and retention of players. The club also has a proactive and forward thinking committee helping to drive the direction of Manchester Korfball Club.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The funding would enable us to develop two new level 2 coaches within the club which would help take the strain off the current sole level 2 coach.

As we seek to introduce a 4th team next season the coaches could offer more specific support to each team, but in particular help the new members which will in turn assist with their retention.

The current membership of 40 would benefit from the new coaches plus any new members joining us over the coming years.

"As mixed team sport, korfball has a wide appeal in the community and is accessible to people of all ages, genders and abilities. At Manchester Korfball Club we welcome players of all abilities and ages to the sport, whether they want to play for fun or compete at a higher level. Our aim is to provide a supportive and welcoming environment for new people to start playing korfball and enjoy the health and well being benefits it brings as well as provide an environment for our current players to reach their potential through personal fulfillment or sporting achievement.
As a small sport the funding would really make a big difference to us and support our ambitions of developing a 4th team to the club and continuing the growth of the club.

Anna Flanders, Chairperson"

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