Lancaster Cricket and Sports Club

Lune Road, Lancaster

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The best sports club in Lancaster and district - for bowls, cricket, junior football and tennis. Great for all ages, from juniors to pensioners. Grounds improvements and upgrades are now our priority.

Group introduction

Lancaster Cricket and Sports Club (LCSC) is a Community Amateur Sports Club which has provided a range of sports at a high level for over 100 years - bowls, cricket and tennis. We cater for the full age range and all abilities. We are proud of our very active junior sections, but we also have a number of pensioner and social members. Our aim is to improve our range of facilities, in a pleasant environment, as well as to offer high quality sporting opportunities for our members in local and regional leagues.

The cricket section ( is the oldest and best established cricket club in North Lancashire. It is Clubmark accredited, has strong traditions and a good track record in the Northern Premier Cricket League. It also has junior teams ranging from U9's to U18's.

The bowls section (Lune Road Bowling Club) is the largest in the area and the most successful with teams in the Midweek, Morecambe, Lancaster & District Veterans and Lune Valley floodlit Leagues and a membership which includes a high percentage of pensioners. With a strong membership, the section also organises many social functions and supports all members.

The tennis section ( has achieved Tennismark and has actively raised funds to support wheelchair and junior tennis and to improve facilities. It has a really strong junior section through which coaching, competitions and teams are organised.
All the sections rely on enthusiastic volunteers to organise teams, run junior sessions and organise fund raising events.

We now make our cricket pitches available to the local Lancaster Youth Football Club for their junior matches and have re-established a relationship with Lancaster Hockey Club. We also have a strengthening relationship with the Marsh Community Centre, which is based in a more disadvantaged part of Lancaster, and our tennis courts are used by local schools.

Our recent fund raising efforts to improve our facilities have led to upgrades to our main clubhouse and the building of a new disabled toilet. The tennis section has secured significant funding from Sport England to resurface its courts and build a new mini court and practice fence. This has led to significant visual improvements to the Club and now our fundraising efforts are concentrating on equipment for the cricket section, floodlights for the bowling-green but mostly environmental upgrades around the clubhouse, including the building of a children’s play area

The focus of our funding bid is the landscaping of our grounds as well as improvements to the
front of the pavilion. We plan a children's play area adjacent to the clubhouse once the area has been fully cleared and grass planted. We also plan an improved full length fence, bedding plants, hanging baskets, painting our benches, and repair wood for the benches used by spectators. The total estimated cost of the entire project is at least £2,500 with our priority being the permanent clearing of the area and the installation of a children’s play area. We are seeking a contribution of £800 towards this total cost from the Grassroots Giving Fund.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

As mentioned above, the main thrust of our Club development plan is now aimed at improving our environment. We are seeking funding to improve the area immediately adjacent to our clubhouse, bowling green and tennis courts – specifically commercial strength weed killer, grass seed and equipment to allow us to install a children’s play area. If the Skipton Grassroots fund was able to make a contribution, this would be very helpful and ensure that the facilities we were able to develop could include a play area.

The play area has been requested by members for their families and for visitors, for example when they attend junior football and cricket matches – the latter often lasting a full day. Any play area could also, with supervision, be used by other members of the community including from the recently constructed Adactus Housing in Long Marsh Lane and the nearby Redrow and Barratt Housing estates. We would expect at least 200 children would be keen to use the play area each year.

As indicated above, a well grassed area will be the foundation of our environmental improvements, but we also plan to purchase some low growing shrubs. We already have a donated sit down mower that will enable the area to be maintained. In the past this has been a very unattractive and seriously overgrown area, and now that it has been cleared, following the building of the new tennis courts and other significant landscaping by Redrow, we aim to ensure that these improvements are permanent.

Alongside these basic environmental improvements, we are turning our attention to the front of the main clubhouse/pavilion. We plan a much improved full length fence, bedding plants and hanging baskets to give our members and visitors a more attractive environment and improved experience of being in our Club. If we can secure funding to repair our benches – used by players and spectators – we can then also invest in paint to improve them. These are old-style benches and in a state of disrepair and if we can upgrade and modernise, this will make the spectating experience much improved.

We have invested Club funds in a decking and BBQ area in recent years, and this has considerably increased usage – especially in the spring and summer. Improvements in the benching and the addition of flowers and hanging baskets will increase the quality of the area and hence usage, in turn generating funds for the Club through bar sales. We would expect well over 1500 people, across a full year, would benefit from the improvements to the look and of the clubhouse/pavilion.

"Ours is the best sports Club in the area for players, and with the environmental improvements we plan, it can also be the most family friendly and attractive. Please help us to achieve this ambition. Brendan Hetherington, Chairman, Lancaster Cricket and Sports Club"

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