Knutsford Royal May Day Festival Committee


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Knutsford ‘Royal’ May Day is the highlight of the town’s calendar and takes place every year on the first Saturday in May. The procession through the town and the crowning of the May Queen began in 1864 by the Vicar of Knutsford, the Rev. Robert Clowes. The prefix ‘Royal’ was bestowed on the event in 1887 by their Majesties King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, then Prince and Princess of Wales. Knutsford remains exceedingly proud of its Royal title.

Group introduction

The Knutsford Royal May Day Festival Committee is a community group run by volunteers which is responsible for the running and production of this historic event, as well as the fundraising. The event is an annual event that is open to all children within the area and forms a procession which goes through the streets of Knutsford on the first Saturday in May each year. Over 500 local children take part in the event each year and it is the highlight of the Knutsford calendar.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Each year the cost for putting the Knutsford Royal May Day on increases. We are dependent upon donations from the public and local businesses within the area. This year the cost will be circa £40k, which includes police, road closures, renewal of costumes for the children, insurance, marquees, etc.

"The Knutsford Royal May Day Festival Committe strive to raise funds from local businesses, local residents and by way of fundraising events so this historic and pretigious event can continue for future generations to come."

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