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Your story

"We've got to carry on!"
In 2013 Pendle Council stopped their support of the luncheon clubs. Myself and my partner Maureen were volunteers helping to run the club, and were overwhelmed by the outcry from the members when it threatened to close. So with the support of the cook who took the chance to retire, we said we would give it a go.

Group introduction

The group provides a two course lunch each Monday in the village hall. The age range is for people aged 65 and over and has been in existence for many years under council sponsorship until 2013 when it was forced to become self funding.
The qualified cook stayed with the group as did myself and Maureen, and we have two other volunteers who do one Monday a month.
Membership fluctuates as you would expect with older people and age ranges from 65 to 102 recently. Unfortunately, our centenarian is now in a care home.
They are a great bunch and enjoy special treats on members birthdays and at Christmas.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We have members from Colne, Earby, Foulridge and Nelson, as well as Kelbrook. We have far reaching fame. The two problems we have are transport and a the problems of age causing a possible drop in numbers at short notice. The local volunteer "Communicars" service solves the transport problem to a point, but membership numbers is our big problem with finance.
If we could maintain our maximum number of 20, then we could be more or less self funding, but we seldom maintain this number. We have to pay to hire the hall, and with cooks expenses we require £70/ week but with only 15 members at present we just cover this cost if all attend, if not we are in the red.
This funding would secure our future for a couple of years at least, and provide a well loved service to the elderly in this area.

"Alice Wood, our lovely centenarian would march in using her two sticks and say to me, "Are we having mashed potatoes today?" If the answer was "Yes" she would say "Well I hope you've washed your feet!". What she expected me to do I don't know, but we always laughed."

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