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Group introduction

The group was formed by Susan Harrison Doyle a member of staff at the Grange. We started our journey in 2014 transforming a large piece of land into our community garden/plot. We are a one form Community school of around 290 pupils situated within a housing estate. Within our school we have six special needs classes. They cater for children with speech and language and communication difficulties, autism and children with social emotional and mental health difficulties. The benefits to these children as indeed the other children are numerous. The children with speech and language difficulties need opportunities to enhance their learning in a relaxed atmosphere were language can be practised and improved. Children with autism need a space to be calm. Somewhere to feel safe and comfortable in exploring their senses without being overwhelmed by them. And children with, emotional and mental health difficulties need a safe and calming area, a place to reduce stress and create a sense of well being and belonging. . Our group consists of children, parents grandparents and various people from the surrounding area. We strongly believe that gardening is an activity that everyone can enjoy from childhood through to retirement. We encourage a broard range of people to come together sharing their wealth of knowledge and skills with younger people, which is a great way to stay active and engaged. This especially has an impact for people who are socially isolated which in turn will improve their health and well being. We grow vegetables, fruit and herbs in our area. The children who assess our area are engaged and excited about growing food and as we help them to develop their skills and knowledge of growing we can generate understanding of where food comes from and hopefully establish healthier eating habits which will stay with them for life.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Funding would inevitably have a profound impact on what we could do to improve and build on our success so far. It would enable us to develop part of our area into a wildlife habitat. With funding we would be able to buy trees and hedges to start to create our woodland sanctuary, a place to attract wildlife and can increase biodiversity in our school grounds. We know that numerous natural habitats are disappearing and once common species are now struggling to survive. We would also develop a wildflower meadow within this area again attracting wildlife in. With funding we can purchase trees, hedges plants and seeds to enable us to create this area and bring our dream alive .We are creating an area that everyone can enjoy and have ownership over. We strive to bring people together to value their surroundings, to forge new friendships and to inspire each other to create something special to enjoy for years to come. This project brings people together from a wide variety of backgrounds and age groups. Both children and adults can benefit through learning to care for living things and by developing their understanding of how to create habitats and take on the responsibility of caring for living things. We are also developing important values and attitudes for later life.

"Our journey has been a challenging one but wow look what we have achieved.

Susan Harrison Doyle"

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