Friends of Stanley Park and the Salisbury Woodland


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A Friends Group which promotes the Park and Woodland and their historical, ecological and horticultural values.

Group introduction

The Group is run by a committee of volunteers who work in partnership with the Council to help develop management projects on site and to invite members of the public to events. The Group raises funds for and the purchase of equipment and materials on the site for such projects as might be identified.
It arranges entertainment on the bandstand every Sunday during the summer as well as running the Visitors Centre which is open daily throughout the Season. This is all done on a voluntary basis.
The Group holds a monthly meeting for members, minutes are taken, and we invite a speaker.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

The Group wishes to raise money to renovate the Floral Clock. Historically the Floral Clock has been highlighted in flowers each year a different local organisation.
People visit especially to see the Clock, which when renovated will continue to benefit a great many people for years to come.

"The Friends Group is an invaluable group of friendly volunteers who work hard to make sure the park and woodland give pleasure to a great many people.

Elaine Smith MBE, Chairman"

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