Alkincoates Woodland Nature Reserve


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The Nature Reserve group is dedicated to conserve, protect and develop Alkincoates Woodland.

Group introduction

Alkincoates Woodland was planted out with indigenous woodland species in a former meadow land in 1992/3 and left to mature our volunteer group were formed in 2004 who were concerned about the neglect of the pathways entrances and general miss use of the reserve. Our groups aim is to conserve and further develop the young woodland. Much we have achieved over the years with stable footpaths and multi user and wheel chair access so everyone can enjoy the reserve. We have put up signage for information, planted Saplings and wild flowers generated and excavated a natural pond and produced a leaflet on the reserve which also depicts local walks around the countryside. We have have erected 4 sets of Bird feeding stations which are filled every day by a team of key volunteers which has encouraged Nuthatch, Tawny Owls Robin, Bullfinch,goldfinch, Chaffinch, and Jays and many more. We also have Roe Deer Bats, and foxes, visit and stay in our reserve. As you walk to the top of the reserve to the Beech Wood we have over 30 Bird, Bat and Owl boxes. We have also planted an Orchard 70 fruit trees which looks out towards West Craven and the Dales and also overlooks Lake Burwain Foulridge. A walk through the Reserve Woodland gives the walker a pleasurable, peaceful uplifting experience in any of the seasons a joy for the whole community also schools ,Bird watching and community groups, We have Bat observers in the evenings and also Nordic walkers and Orienteering groups visit the reserve. Each season offers the visitor something new, a haven for wild life for all to enjoy and preserve

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

This year our volunteer group are delighted to have been granted by Pendle Borough Council extra land adjacent to our 8 Hectare reserve a total of 2.36 Hectares in total which was meadow and grazing land which is bordered on the periphery by a dry stone wall. In order to achieve Nature Reserve status a Wild Life survey is required and this is to be completed by John Lamb from the Wild Life Trust. Currently we have planted 0.81 Hectares with 800 + saplings supplied by the Woodland Trust but the second phase 1.55 Hectares will need all weather pathways and entrances, seating and planting out again with indigenous species of Oak, Alder, Rowan, Wild Cherry Dog Rose, Holly and many others. There is a wetland area suitable for bog plants and we are planning open glades for wild flowers. The extra land we have acquired is where the Grassroots funding will be used as we also continue to maintain our existing Nature Reserve. Planting trees is for the future generations to come and enjoy. A larger nature reserve increases bio - diversity habitat for flora and fauna and more area to walk and enjoy nature on our doorstep, a wonderful asset worth preserving for years to come and develop even further.

"Ted Fort OBE Chairman and founder of Fort Vale and his MD Ian Wilson have a donated money to populate with saplings our new woodland extension."

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