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Cultural Arts based organisation encouraging and engaging youth engagement in local music and crafts activities.

Group introduction

We are a voluntary community group who use carnival arts to encourage young people to fully express themselves in a safe and positive environment. We use the elements of costume fabrication/design and playing steel drums.

We were established in 1983 by Rudolph Baptiste in Acton, since his passing in 2003 we have driven forward his fantastic work in the community. We provide weekly music sessions for all young and disadvantaged people, particularly focusing on the BME community.
The young people are taught music in the same fashion as any other musical instrument with scales, theory and terminology included. The main difference is that we teach young people in a group environment, with both boys and girls. They play all the different instruments that make up our orchestra; essentially they become a band together. We also provide school holiday workshops where we teach the young people about design and decorations of carnival costumes using different themes and concepts to spark their creativity.

Our projects are run solely by volunteers with experience in this field. We have specialist steel drum tutors and a costume design team on hand to teach the children. We collaborate with other partner organisations across the UK to augment and further develop our young people's learning experiences. The additional outcome of our services helps to teach young people discipline, respect and the value of commitment and hard work.
These young people are from socio- economic challenged backgrounds and lone parent family environments. We are based in a centre in the middle of a housing estate that is home to a diverse community.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We are in urgent need of funding to help towards replacing our instruments, some of which have served us well for nearly 30 years. Due to general wear and tear these instruments are now diminishing the experience that young people are having, as the instruments are almost always out of tune. The expense of having them tuned is almost equivalent to replacing them. Buying new instruments means we could survive a further 30 years.

"We provide a vital service for the most important members of the community- the young people of the future.
Miss Tara Baptiste"

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