Friends of Blythe Hill Fields

between Se23 and Se6, London

Your story

A community group who care about our precious green space and want it to be enjoyed.

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Group introduction

The group formed in 2002. Originally, just a group of well intentioned neighbours hoping to improve our local park space. Over the years, we have refurbished the children s play area, built a trim trail, added benches, installed a stag beetle loggery, bird and bat boxes,planted flowers and shrubs. We host an all-in New Years day football match. Every year we hold a festival attended by up to 3000 local residents.
Our Mission statement:-
The Friends of Blythe Hill Fields exists to represent everyone living around or using Blythe Hill Fields. Our purpose is to achieve sustainable improvements and facilities in this vital resource for the benefit of the whole community. We aim to promote the increased use and enjoyment of this essential open space.
We do have a committee and constitution - still run by volunteers!

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

As you will see from the attached photos, our biggest problem is litter/foxes. Foxes regularly empty our litter bins scattering rubbish which gets blown around the fields. When people see a mucky park, they are less inclined to use bins. £500 would allow us to buy 1.7 foxproof bins which would enhance the fields for all - except the local foxes! thank you

"I love Blythe Hill fields. It's the windswept cherry on top of the community cake of South East London

Simon (from children's TV comedy duo Trev&Simon) local celebrity and dog walker"

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