Breathe Easy Support Group


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Support group for people with lung disease.

Group introduction

We offer help and support to people with lung disease and also to their family and friends who care for them. Many people have questions about their illness and we understand what they are going through, and can help them learn more about living with a lung condition. Many of our members have chronic respiratory conditions which make it very difficult for them to go out and about very much and we aim to help with the feeling of isolation that can occur, and give them an outlet to meet with fellow sufferers.We have a guest speaker some months ranging from health professionals to experts in other fields. Our aim is to enable our members to be self sufficient in helping themselves as best they can. We can help those diagnosed with a lung condition know that there’s somewhere they can go for support and advice – to find out they’re not alone.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Our membership has declined recently so we have to rely on volunteer speakers. Funding would enable us to widen our programme of speakers, and provide alternative activities appropriate to people who in some instances have very limited mobility due to their condition (some of whom require oxygen at all times).

"However supportive family and friends are they can't fully comprehend how dealing with a chronic lung condition can wear you down. The group gives you somewhere you can go where you can meet other people who will understand what you are going through.
Maureen Stagg, Secretary"

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