Acle Lands Trust

Acle, Norfolk

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The Acle Lands Trust promotes conservation, protection and restoration of four areas of land for the benefits of the inhabitants of the parish of Acle and its immediate vicinity.

Group introduction

Since 1994 Acle Lands Trust has maintained and managed four areas of land that equates to 15.82 hectares and is vested in the Parish Council of Acle in Norfolk. The trust is a Parish Council of Acle and is not a charity. The purpose of the Trust is to promote and manage these areas of land for Wildlife Conservation, for general public amenity such as walkers naturalists, educationists, etc. To achieve this we must maintain/enhance footpaths, boardwalks, bridges, benches, seating, litter bins, map location boards and directional posts. These facilities are open 365 days a year for the entire community to enjoy as a recreational retreat free of charge.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

As part of the footpath maintenance programme Acle Lands Trust requires to purchase a mechanical tree chipping machine. During the winter months and times of excessive rain, some of the paths get very boggy and very muddy to walk through. Part of the work the volunteers conduct is tree trimming and coppicing, we are planning to use the new chipping machine to place the chipping's from the trimmed down trees and branches onto the boggy/muddy areas to to ensure that these footpaths are accessible for the public to enjoy and benefit from all year round.

"The community of Acle enjoys greatly the safe and accessable public amenities that are made available through the work of Acle Lands Trust, the work they do is truly amazing and greatly appreciated by the many people who use these facilities as a recreational retreat.

Nigel Robson - Chairman of Acle Lands Trust"