Ripley Rangers Football Club

Ripley, Derbyshire

Your story

Ripley Rangers FC was set up in June 2011 with 4 teams and has been such a success that we've just finished this season with 15 teams.

We have teams for virtually every age group and it's a great club but with so many teams comes the problem of needing help financially to be able to keep the club going.

Group introduction

Ripley Rangers FC was set up in June 2011 with 4 teams and a committee of 7 willing volunteers. Nearly 5 years later we've got 15 teams covering nearly every age group, including two girls teams. Our members are from Ripley and also many surrounding areas and they range from age 4 to 16 at the minute but we're looking to create a ladies team too. All our teams are run by fantastic volunteers who give up so much of their time to ensure local children can enjoy playing football in a safe and fun environment. The club has been a massive success and although we do lots of our own fund raising, such as bag packing at the local supermarket and race nights, etc, we also rely on external help to try to ensure we can supply the necessary kit and equipment for our fast growing club.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

Our club now has that many teams that equipment is crucial. We tend to find local businesses to sponsor kit and waterproof coats etc but currently we have a lack of equipment that will become a problem. One of the the best things that we could buy with any money we receive are some more 'samba goal posts' which all of the age groups from 4 to 11 would benefit from. We have 2 sets from when we set the club up nearly 5 years ago and it means that we don't have enough sets for training nights and match days. This would benefit all of these younger age groups in that they'd be able to train with proper equipment instead of just plastic poles in the ground for goals. The samba nets that we have are not like they were when we bought them but we just about get by with them but it shows that we can make equipment last a long time as we do make sure that we look after everything.

"Born out of the lack of opportunity for young players to get involved in football in Ripley, Ripley Rangers FC was formed in 2011 with just 4 teams, but has already exceeded the dreams and expectations of the founding members. We have a wonderful club with wonderful members.

Mark Brown, club Chairman"

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