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Nottingham Piscatorial Society 125th Anniversary project

Group introduction

The Nottingham Piscatorial Society is one of the County and Country’s oldest Angling organisations, having been established in 1891. We have very strict rules and promote good behaviour and respect for the environment throughout our 850 strong membership.
The Society holds monthly meetings and the 10 strong Committee meet twice a month to discuss the best way to provide value for money membership.
We are currently are responsible for 14 miles of the River Trent and River Greet plus six lakes and are in the midst of planning a major re landscaping at our South Muskham lakes complex with bank improvements, water side reed and marginal planting, and the
establishment of some 300 new trees and 700M hedgerow to not just improve the locality but increase the local ecology and insect life. We have close links with the local farming community, the District and Parish Council, the Angling Trust and the
Environment Agency. This year we are promoting the new Junior Section by working with a local Primary school in South Muskham to take the youngsters into the countryside and teach them how to fish and appreciate the environment.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We like many angling clubs in Nottinghamshire, are suffering reduced participation due to alternative attractions. The age profile of anglers in the area is increasing and their ability to get to and from safe places to fish is getting harder as they get older. The project would form the springboard for additional work and further development which would give the members better value for their membership and encourage others to take up the sport and/or existing anglers to join the NPS to enjoy the benefits that the improved environment will bring.
The Nottingham Piscatorial Society want to help provide a facility for the youngsters in the local community to enjoy. Due to severe weather conditions The river bank and lakes banksides have been washed away in several places rendering them inaccessible
and potentially unsafe. This grant will help to install fishing ramps on the lake bank so our Junior members can enjoy their sport as well as allowing the Society to provide training for existing club senior members to become an angling coaches and to help introduce local young people to angling.
This project will create an area of lake bank which is accessible for any member of the club to fish, regardless of their age or disability. This area will form a base for the club's coaching sessions which will help drive up junior membership levels which are currently
The lakes have a purpose built cabin with heat and light plus running hot & cold water with a flushing toilet. The design of the cabin is such that it can be used for coaching sessions or instruction during poor weather.
The project will enable more children to take a more active part in supervised outdoor activities with parents safe in the knowledge that their children are being looked after in a safer environment. There are currently no similar facilities in the area for this purpose,
especially with these facilities. In Newark there is also no coaching provision for young people wanting to get into angling.
The funding would enable the society to buy materials to create a ramp which would allow access to older, disabled and younger anglers down to a safe position at the waters edge.
It would also enable much needed waterside and marginal vegetation, coir rolls and lilies to be purchased and installed which would improve the habitat for fish and wildlife and provide sustainability for the project after the work has been completed.
Having been approached by local schools and scout troops we know there is a need in the area for youngsters who are interested in learning how to fish. We have been approached by members who are interested in becoming angling coaches. We also ran a survey in 2012 and have numerous letters all which highlight the need for better
access to allow older and less able people to fish safely

"The generous donation from the Skipton Building Society will enable us to purchase equipment and provide local youngsters with a facility and environment that will benefit them for many years to come.

Dale Whittaker
Honorary Secretary"

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