Bardney Cemetery Improvement Fund

Bardney, Lincoln

Your story

Improvements to Bardney Cemetery for the benefit of local residents and the wider community.

Group introduction

In 2014 Bardney cemetery was in great need of restoration and attention. Myself (Margaret Sankey) my husband and five friends decided to do something about it with the permission of the Parish Council. The first job we undertook was to unearth 124 hidden memorial vases which had sunk to ground level. We realised these would then need restoration along with numerous neglected and damaged memorials. Because the restoration of memorials is subject to very strict guidelines any restoration work has to be done by professionals hence the cost is extremely high. We therefore embarked on various fundraising projects to bring in as much money as possible. Whilst working there we appreciated that if you wanted to rest and reflect, the seating was unfit for purpose so decided that as this would benefit the whole community this would be out next project. We have been very surprised by the tremendous support we have received from the local community from all age groups.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We would spend the money on restoring the seating in the cemetery which is currently not fit for purpose. We would have the seats shot blasted and powder coated which would ensure they would last for at least 20 years. This would be of immense benefit to all visitors giving them a place to rest and reflect in peaceful surroundings. It is a public cemetery open to all and situated on the outskirts of the village. It attracts large numbers of visitors from near and far. Our project also includes the restoration (lifting, levelling & cleaning headstones and kerb sets, replacing chippings and renewing lead and gold-leaf lettering of any damaged or dilapidated headstones where there are no family members alive to do so, this will ensure that history will be preserved for future generations.

"We are a local group of volunteers who wish to make a lasting difference in our community and we are succeeding.
Margaret Sankey"

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