The Friends of Colyton Library


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Safe guarding the future of the library, representing library users, increasing public awareness of services and extending facilities where there is a need in the community.

Group introduction

Libraries across Devon have been forming users groups, commonly known as Friends of  the Library. There became a desperate need for this in Colyton in 2007 when the library was threatened with closure. This was when the group was formed and successfully  averted the crisis by liaising with Devon Library services. The group of volunteers run extra library sessions, assist formal staffed sessions organise events to promote the library and manage the opening of the building for community use. The Friends of Colyton Library currently has  80 members. The annual membership fee is £5.

The aims and objectives of the group are:

• to promote the library service locally and encourage public awareness and use in order to ensure continuation

• to represent users, when necessary, on issues of services, opening hours, stock and library presentation

• to work with the associated action group and the Devon Library Service in order to achieve these aims

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We would like £500 for a wooden bench and table to be placed outside the library. The Friends of Colyton Library are currently gaining a WiFi facility provided by Devon County Council for the library. This would extend the use of technology in the building but exterior seating would give this opportunity to a greater number when the library is closed. The interior is quite small. It has three computer stations, a small table with 6 chairs and 4 lower easy chairs in the children's area. Space is limited. There are 453 active borrowers.

Colyton is a rural town , serving a population of 3000 people, it does not have any other public WiF or computer facilities. Although the Wifi has prompted the Friends of Colyton Library to provide seating, the facility would be accessible outside of library hours.  Hence providing a meeting place for both young and old and enhancing the community. The library is on one of the main routes to Colyton's shopping area it provides a place to stop off before crossing into the town square. It is also close to the bus stop used by many elderly residents to reach surrounding areas. Being a rural town the bus service is well used, but buses are not frequent and waiting times can be long. The library is open three days a week but the bench would be used daily for those arriving in good time to catch the local buses.

""With Wifi we could hold training sessions for the elderly with tablets and portable pcs would increase our computer training facilities." Treasurer."

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