Ilford Historical Society

Ilford, London Borough of Redbridge

Your story

Ilford Historical Society is a group of 50 members who are all interested in history, particularly the up keep of our local area. Despite the group slowly becoming older, we encourage the support and welcome new members to our group.

Group introduction

We meet in Ilford Hospital Chapel, c.1145, a Norman chapel- Redbridge's oldest building by far, which now has wheelchair access.

During our meetings we discuss local event, we plan lectures and even give talks in the local public library. We are also active in giving local history walks which are received really ell from locals wanting to know more about the history of our fabulous borough.

The group is governed by a committee (our 2015 AGM was in May) and I have been a member for 20 years, previously Secretary.

We assist and give talks/walks to Redbridge library service visitors ie, next talks on Magna Carta, and Refugees . Recently we led two guided historical walks, one around Ilford. We are also active in ensuring our borough' rich heritage is preserved and cared for.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

We require finance for display boards to mount publicty photos on when we attend local events/fairs, and a digital projector so we can have our own one rather than beg, borrow or steal member's projectors when we have special outside speakers. I and our members lend our own projectors to other groups and indivuals for their talks but a Society owned one would assist everyone.

"Our Society shows that history and heritage is alive and well in Redbridge. Most of the oldest buildings have gone but echoes of past generations remain."

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