Terrington & Scackleton Over 60's

Terrington, York

Your story

Providing a common meeting ground for local elderly residents, in order to reduce social isolation and enable social interaction.

Group introduction

We are a rural community based in Terrington but encompassing Scackleton, the hamlets of Ganthorpe and Wiganthorpe as well as the peppering of rural houses and farms. Formed for those over 60 but catering for those much older, we provide a regular meeting ground by way of monthly coffee mornings open to the whole community- but with our focus of bringing people together, some of whom are seldom seen other than at our events.

Maintaining longstanding relationships, rekindling others or forming new friendships whilst taking advantage of our cake stall with locally baked produce, desserts, jams, etc. We have a bookstall with a modest charge for books providing a sort of low cost library. Run by a core committee and a few other dedicated people we are most grateful to all of them for being there, for baking, making other produce and to those who donate books. The highlights of our year are the annual trip and the Christmas lunch, free to all our group members. With increasing numbers we are finding more people with health and mobility issues and there are some that do not attend because of these. Whilst we transport some people to the events a wheelchair would allow others to join us.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

One wheelchair, to be kept at Terrington Village Hall but owned by our group, would be purchased with the funding. This would be used at our events and would enable some who can't attend to do so. When we are not using it, the wheelchair can be used by others attending meetings or other functions in our versatile and active Village Hall.

Even if it's just bringing someone in from the car park it can make this potentially challenging task so much easier. In addition, we can take the chair with us on outings which will prove so useful and enable at least one additional person to join us on each event.

"If they don't have a wheelchair it will only be a few months before I won't be able go to the Coffee Mornings any more. I'm 90 and I'll miss them."